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Children's Partnership

Our Focus

Everything starts with identity.

1) To have children acquire a new sense of who they are - their abilities and talents.​

2) To break the cycle of low self-esteem in the community, lack of family structure and identity.

​3) Provide classes for leadership skills and role models​

4) Provide workshops and classes on social and human services, interpersonal relationships such as teaching boys and girls the importance of identity and their roles within various types of relationships(i.e. addictions, promiscuity, self-control, teen pregnancy, teen violence, domestic violence.)​

5) Provide counseling and intervention services.  ​​

6) To create a path of achievement to success for our youth which starts with addressing how student see themselves as a person, in the society as a whole and critical thinking.​

7) To provide a lifetime environment and resource for the kids who are a part of the program where we walk with them and follow them through on their journey in life.

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